Mohammad Yousef Makawi (Hamoodeh Makkawei)


» Investigative journalist in Al Balad radio and Arij network for investigative journalism 2013.

» Participant author and producer in Karama  Festival for human rights films, Amman 2013.

» Investigative journalist and Film producer  in Balad TV 2014.

» Investigative journalist and film producer in the media room for media production company  in Dubai 2015.

» Journalist and researcher at Sat 7 satellite channel , Lebanon 2015

     » Programs Producer at Orient News TV

     » Programs Producer At The Media Room Company Abu Dhabi

     »  programs Presenter At Orient Radio

    » Trainer at Al Yarmouk Jordanian University in In social 

       media journalism & Investigation Journalism

      » Certificate Journalism Trainer At Arab women Media Center