Danai Manousaridi

I have a degree on Electronic Engineering (Technological Educational Institute of Athens). I completed an internship at the ERT (Greek state Radio Television) and specialized on video editing and telecine. I attended the "Creation of a movie" seminar by the "PROVA" Higher Drama School. I have a professional television engineering license and language certificates on English, Spanish and German. From 2004 until 2013 I worked at ERT (Greek television) as video editor, mainly on the travel programme called "menoume Elada"(Travelling Greece) as well as in news editing, foreign programmes, documentaries in sign language, trailers and archive material. On the private sector, I have worked as video editor and camerawoman on television productions, advertisements and for the documentaries "Sta piso thrania" by N.Logothetis, "O Imitos prepei na zisi" by Th.Ravasopulos and "Sparti"(on behalf of the region of Sparta). Finally I got experience as assistant video editor for a Greek movie "Pempti & 12" and as a cinema projectionist.