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An International Cultural Action for the Refugee in 5 Countries

The International Foundation for Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Anna Lindh Foundation and the Non-Governmental Organization StoryDoc, in cooperation with Non-Profit Organizations from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine and the support of the Goethe Institut, planned a 12-month action in five Syrian refugee host cities with the aim of creating a multinational network of active citizens for the cultural reception of refugees. The first development cities of the project were: Mytilene, Izmir, Amman, Tire and Ramallah.

The plan provided for groups of citizens in the five cities to reach out to refugees in state hospitality structures, but also in refugee support activities from non-governmental organizations with the aim of understanding people, getting to know their different cultural stock, developing channels of mutual understanding and mutual respect.

The result of this activity will be captured in 10 short-term documentaries, which will be created by the citizens of the host countries with leading refugees, as well as local volunteers or citizens participating in the Refugee Reception Actions.

For the creation of the documentaries in the 5 cities, were organized in total, 15 three-day production seminars (November 2016 - May 2017).

The 10 documentaries will be screened at simultaneous or parallel public events in 5 cities in the two-month period September-October 2017.



1. Arab Women Media Center, Amman Jordan (AWMC)  - ALF Jordanian Steering Committee Member

2. Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society, Palestine

3. Yasar University, Izmir-Turkey (Faculty of Communication, Radio, TV and Cinema Department)

4. Istanbouli Theater -Tyro Association for Artists, LEBANON

5. Storydoc,Athens, Greece


Home New Home in Athens

The participation in workshops in Lesvos by amateur cinematographers living in Lesvos and the active interest of the Ministry of Education of the Hellenic Republic to designate as pilot the project in Lesvos And to encourage secondary schools to participate Led the organizers to expand the program in Athens, in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens under the Open Schools program with the exclusive donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Attica Region. Also, the Athenian News Agency APE-MPE took over as communication sponsor of the project under the auspice of the Secretariat for Migration and Refugee Policy’s Communication of Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media, of Hellenic Republic. The aim of the program in Attica was to produce 10 more short films with the same subject matter. The huge number of refugees, who have applied for participation, created new educational needs, which covered with a donor from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, specifically supporting the implementation of relevant workshops in Athens and Lesvos With the subsequent documentaries, as well as the creation of the website www.homenewhome.gr.

The workshops in Athens were held at the 8th Gymnasium, an educational institution part of the Open Schools program.


The International Seminar

In Spring 2017 (March), an International Seminar was organized in Athens on the subject of Educating of Others and the subject of Intercultural Multi-Ethnic Meeting of Action. Speakers at the conference were European, Turkish and Arab experts in intercultural dialogue. The aim of the Seminar is to support the Action in practice and theoretically and on the other hand to show values and best practices of solidarity and refugees in society. The Seminar was broadcast on live streaming and was attended by group of teachers from Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Didimoticho